Ibrahim Dar is a humorist and essayist best known for his thought leadership on artist image and marketing creativity. Dar’s articles on brand building and image making have been published in top publications, including The Goals Magazine, Boutiq Magazine, Impact Tribute, and Business.com.

He has given talks on topics like Acquiring Attention, Building a Public Persona, and Cultivating Charisma. Venues for Dar’s past talks include Westford University College and Middlesex University Dubai’s School of Art and Design.

Dar embeds humor in his essays and art. As a passionate wordsmith, he pens punchlines, phrases, and one-liners to accompany his minimalist illustrations. The success of his artist brand serves as a case study for his ability to craft a personal brand.

Among his inspirations are David Sedaris, Seth Godin, Aftab Iqbal, Andrew Schultz, and Frank Kern. His philosophy is influenced by Descartes, Bostrom, Boudillard, and Camus. These inspirations inform his creative work, image consulting practice, and personal life.