I am Ibrahim Dar, a cartoonist and author who began his career ghostwriting apologies for neglectful husbands. My superpower is that I get bored too easily to tolerate bland writing.

My writing must not be a chore to read. That’s my highest priority.

Some interesting facts about me:

  • I draw one cartoon a day, every day.
  • I have penned over 2,000,000 words as a professional writer.
  • My favorite book is The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
  • I have my breakfast, lunch, and dinner in one sitting.
  • At 11 years old, I forgot my speech and cried on stage. At 16, I won the Best Speaker award.
  • At 17, I failed to get a radio appearance. At 18, I appeared on national TV.
  • At 21, my writing was rejected by over 100 blogs. At 27, I began earning a full-time income from it.
  • I have never tried pasta in my life.

You can check out my work in magazines like Milestone Mag and PlugMuse or get my book, A Cordial Invitation to Waste Your Time, on Amazon. It is one of the best-performing collections of original cartoons by a single author. If you want me to ghostwrite your speech or biography, drop a line to my agent at lisa@iamibrahim.com