Ibrahim Hanif is a business writer and a humor columnist specializing in personal development content. Hanif ghostwrites books for CEOs, politicians, and high-profile thought leaders. His book, Charm Like A Narcissist, has been translated into 14 languages and was among Amazon’s top 2% bestselling paperbacks of any category for 2 consecutive weeks. 

“My style makes ideas and stories more accessible because I’m not caught up in making my work look good. I’m thinking about what will engage the readers,” says Ibrahim. “I write so that each sentence sells the next sentence.”

While he occasionally ghostwrites blog posts, most of his writing is dedicated to self-help and personal development. Hanif also owns a network of digital publications that often feature stories about the personalities he works with. His business, Market Capture Consulting FZE, specializes in turning people into monetizable brands through writing, media positioning, and coaching.