In 2021, Ibrahim released his book Charm Like A Narcissist in a 5000-copy limited print run via the Market Capture Group. All available books were sold within 6 months, with 90% flying off the shelves in the first quarter of the title’s publication. In October 2021, Ibrahim announced that he would not renew his publishing contract to allow another print run. “The tactics in the book work best when few people know them.”

Editorial Shoot Promoting Charm Like A Narcissist

The book helped readers unlock the secrets of personal magnetism, and increase their influence, power, and status.

Charm Like A Narcissist was written to be an entertaining self-help book that teaches readers how to be more charming by carrying themselves the right way, building a strong personal mythos, and elevating their social status. It was acclaimed by multiple publications for all the right reasons.

“The most engaging text on the subject of charisma and social engineering” 
Boutic Magazine

“A must-read for the ambitious in any field” 
E-line Weekly

“A much needed fresh take on winning friends and influencing people” 
Huble Digest

“This book will make you rethink every celebrity, politician, and public figure you have ever admired” 

The title came with a workbook that readers could use to apply the principles in Charm Like A Narcissist to their personal lives. The Charming Workbook featured over 20 exercises divided into three categories.

“It’s your playbook to being more charismatic”
Milestone Magazine

“The Charming Workbook is a masterclass in building a cult following”
Socier Media

“Hanif’s workbook is designed to force your most charming self to the surface”
Puble Daily

“It is impossible to remain unchanged after you get your hands of the book’s exercises section”
Priver Weekly

“Ibrahim Hanif is gifted with the ability to make complex subjects fun”
~ The Mogul Mag

“He writes like he’s sitting next to you, and he sounds like a guy you would like sitting next to”
Impact Tribune

“Ibrahim Hanif is the most engaging non-fiction writer in recent memory”
~ The Goals Magazine

“Tens of thousands of words and not one boring paragraph”
Insurf Digest